Monday, September 23, 2013

5-Days Online Gamers Income Opportunity Convention

Good Monday Morning!

OJP is going to have another online income orientation and this time a new one for online gamers.  We are inviting everyone interested in online gaming to join.  We need at least 20 participants before we start and we are now accepting applicants, read details below:

WHAT: 5-Day Online "Convention" for Gamers where you can learn the following:
  • Learn where you can get paid to test online games.
  • Discover different online game sites where you can get paid to play (MMORPG/Browser/Strategy games).
  • Learn how you can get paid to discuss the current and most popular games and gadgets.
  • How to make money with your online games knowledge, and more.

WHERE: At the OJP Forum.

WHEN: Tentative starting date will be on September 23, 2013.

HOW TO JOIN: Read application process below...
  • Join OJP Forum (if you're still not a member). - Click HERE to register.
  • Create 5 posts at the forum - reply to existing topics or create new ones.
  • After creating 5 posts - Click HERE and sign-up.

NOTE: Only OJP Regular Members have access to all clubs' threads and you need to create at least 5 posts to become a Regular Member.  Club threads are semi-exclusive and not accessible to guests or new members with less than 5 posts.  We have made it so to acquire serious applicants only.

Have a nice day! ^_^

Monday, September 16, 2013

OJP 5-Day Writer's Challenge Starts Now! Making Money from Your Writing Skills

Do you love writing and would love to earn extra dollars from your writing skills?

 :) Then join us as we start our week long 5-Day Writing Challenge. 

Discover an online program that's been paying online writers for several years now.  Earn passive income from your articles and generate other extra income sources offered by the program.

 ;) How to Join? Below are the requirements:

1. You need have an OJP forum account with Regular Member status.  Click here to join.

2. To become an OJP Regular Member - you need to create at least 5 posts here at the forum.  So after joining start interacting with other members >> post comments or share something interesting at the forum.

3. After making the required 5 posts >> click here to start the challenge >> our Day 1.

 :) Have a nice day!

Note:  The challenge is open and accessible to all OJP members with at least 5 posts. So if you're already an OJP Regular Member >> Just click here to start participating in the challenge. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wanted: Homebased Writers - 4k-18k per month (part-time to full-time work)

Online job opportunity from one of our trusted OJP members, please read carefully:

Looking for quality, no-nonsense writers to populate my team that will exist to provide a steady stream of writing services to various clients.

Note: Please follow instructions carefully. Your attention to detail is critical to the kind of work required.

If you can deliver the following output, send me your resume, cover letter, and samples (indicate how many 1000-word articles you can write in a day, and the number of hours/days a week you are able to work without issues):

Formal, academic, straight-up informative, direct-to-the-point, no-beating-around-the-bush writing tone/style: This is a similar writing tone/style found in feature business/finance/economic broadsheet articles, feature business/economics/finance magazine articles, Wikipedia entries, hard copy encyclopedia entries, college text book materials, product/software guides, manuals and so on.

These include technical software descriptions, technical EXE descriptions, technical DLL descriptions, technical Windows process descriptions, technical Windows Device Manager error descriptions, technical Windows system error descriptions, technical file extension descriptions, technical spyware descriptions, technical virus/malware descriptions, guides/tutorials/manuals for specific applications, gadgets, and so on.

The pay will be from 4k-18k per month (part-time to full-time work), depending on the volume of work accomplished.

Please email the requirements, especially your best and RELATED samples to:


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

OJP Forum is Back :) with Last Quarter Activities Announcements

 ;) We are finally back after more than a week! >> That's more than 7 weeks in internet time :( ...

We didn't expect our first week into the Christmas season ("Ber" months) to start like it did but still we are very happy to recover all the lost data during the server migration.  We also had the opportunity to answer all pending emails and re-plan OJP's activities for the last quarter of 2013.

 :) Remaining OJP Activities for September 2013:

1.) Writing Challenge to start on September 16 up to 20, 2013.  Learn how you can earn hundreds of dollars in passive income from writing about your hobbies, skills, experiences and other data/info that you already know. 

Note: This is for those who participated in the Writers training/orientation week.

2.) Online Gamers Income Opportunity Convention Week: September 23 to 27, 2013, details below:
  • Learn where you can get paid to test online games.
  • Discover different online games where you can get paid to play.
  • Learn how you can get paid to discuss the current and most popular games and gadgets.
  • How to make money with your online games knowledge, and more.
  • Become a part of our Online Gamers Club 

Have a nice day everyone!  :D

Monday, September 2, 2013

Extended Forum Maintenance - Hope to be back next week!

We are still in the process of restoring data that were lost during the recent server migration.  We don't have a definite date as to when the forum will be back exactly but tentatively it will be within the next week.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We will be back soon. ^_^

Note:  OJP members you can email us at to get online job-related support.  Guests - you can likewise do the same for inquiries.

God Bless!  ^_^

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Emergency Server Migration Notice

To all OJP members and blog visitors:

OJP's hosting company will be having an emergency server migration today, September 1, 2013 at 10am onwards. Said migration will cause our website and forum at least 1 hour downtime and at least another 4 hours while our domain records 
are being propagated.

We will post more updates about the migration as needed.

Have a nice day! :)

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