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Free 5-Day Training on Traffic Exchange Sites

5-Day Training on Traffic Exchange Sites
(May 11 to 15, 2015)

 :) But first let me tell you a a few info about what a traffic exchange (TE) site is.

Traffic Exchange Site - is a type of membership website, where a member (usually a website owner or internet marketer) can promote a website to other members of the TE site.

This is how a TE site works...

A member joins the TE site, surfs (i.e. visits) websites owned by other members and earn credits/points.  He/she then uses earned credits/points to promote his/her own website.  So basically, members are just "exchanging" visits to gain traffic for their own sites.

 ;) Benefits of Participating in Traffic Exchange Sites:
  • You get to promote your website to other members for free.
  • You can use TEs to promote your clients' websites (and get paid for it).
  • You can promote your affiliate programs and possibly earn/get referrals.
  • You can earn extra as most TEs offer cash bonuses for viewing websites (ex. $0.03 per 100 sites viewed).
  • Earn extra more as some TEs also offer members other ways to earn like "get paid to view sites" program (like PTC) where a member can earn up to 1US$ cent per ad viewed. 
  • You can also learn about splash pages, rotators and other marketing tools to help promote your website/programs.

Interested?  Here's how to join the training...

(Please read carefully and follow instructions correctly.)

STEP #1.

>> Visit our Facebook page here.

STEP #2.

>> Send us a message (via FB) with the following details:


*Your message must include the following:
  • Your nickname
  • Where did you learn about the training
  • Why are you joining, and
  • Express your willingness to actively participate (view lessons/do assignments/etc.)

STEP #3.

>> Wait for our reply for further instructions.




Please read carefully and follow instructions correctly.  We will not accept applicants who were not able to follow the application instructions correctly.

To OJP Club Members: You are all automatically enrolled and have the option to actively participate in the training (or just observed).  All you have to do is visit our club when training starts.

To OJP Forum Members: Just send me (Admin) a PM (private message) at the forum that you're interested to join the training and I will send you an invite to join the club.

Frequently Asked Questions (2015)

1. How to Join OJP?

 Answer >> There are two ways to join OJP...

1. Register at the OJP forum - As an OJP forum member, you are given access to >> latest online job openings, all the past tutorials and training lessons, ebook guides, links to online job-related tools & resources, and online support from OJP admin and volunteers. Click here to learn more about the forum.
2. Join an OJP Training Course - All individuals who applied (and got accepted) to join the training are invited to join our exclusive OJP Club (Facebook Group).  Club members are given access to >> current training lessons/assignments, support and mentoring.  However, all discussions are training-related only (otherwise please join the OJP forum).  Click here to view OJP's 2015 Training Calendar.

2. How to Start?

 Answer >>  Click here to read "how to start" (you have 3 options).

3. Do you offer online jobs?

Answer >>  NO, we only recommend sites where you can possibly work or earn online.  We also provide free online skills training to help you acquire useful skills and increase your chances to get online employment.

4. Are your training courses really free?

Answer >>  YES it's free - unless we clearly specify that it's a paid training.

Note: Although most of our training is free, we (&/or some OJP members) still benefit a little from the affiliate programs of the sites we are recommending during the training. But our main purpose is still - to spread online jobs awareness to Filipinos (OJP's advocacy).

5. Do I need to pay to work online?

Answer >>  NO, most online job opportunities are free to join and participate. We strongly advise you to avoid sites that ask for membership fees in order for them to give you work. There are hundreds of sites that provide online jobs and earning programs for free.

6. How much can I earn from online jobs?

Answer >>  Your potential income will highly depend on your skills OR your willingness to learn new skills. The truth is -  you can earn as much as those who are working in a regular office (or even more), enough to pay all your monthly bills and expenses.

To give you an idea, below are some of the average income of online workers:
  • Call Center Agents: P15,000 and Up Monthly Salary (full-time)
  • Transcriptionists: P10,000 and Up Monthly Salary (full or part-time)
  • Virtual Assistants: $300 - $500/Mo. full-time & $2 - $10/hr. part-time.
  • English Tutors: P12,000 and Up Monthly Salary (full-time)
  • Web Designers: Average of $100 to $500 per website (part-time)
  • Writers: Average of $5 to $50 per article (part-time)
  • Other Jobs (Data Entry, Editor, Researcher, etc.): Average of $20-$50/project or $2-$10/hr. 
6. I'm not an expert when it comes to computers 
and the internet, can I still earn online?

Answer >>  YES, There are hundreds of online sites that pay participants for doing simple online tasks, such as:
  • Viewing online ads - popularly known as PTC (the most easiest internet sideline), 
  • Signing-up (in various memberships or online programs),
  • Posting comments (in online message boards, forums or blogs),
  • Tweeting, liking a Facebook page, bookmarking a website, and other similar tasks. 
Though above online programs are "low & slow-earners", they are still the best paid "on-the-job training" that you can get while still looking for real online work.  Also, most of the tasks involved here can be considered as part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work.  SEO skills can help you land a good paying freelance job in the future.

7. How do I get paid?

Answer >>  Most online companies, especially those located abroad, prefer to pay via Paypal (and/or other online payment processors like Payza, Neteller, etc.). On the other hand, Philippine-based sites prefer to remit salaries/payments thru local banks (ex. BPI, BDO, etc.).

8. What if I don't have a Paypal account?
Answer >>  Then get one now. :) It's free and easy to set-up a Paypal account.  All you need is a valid email address and cell no. to register.  Click here to apply for a free Paypal account.

Note:  Paypal is a widely-used online payment processor and not having a Paypal account can considerably reduce your chances to participate in a lot of online earning programs/opportunities.

9. Why am I not getting a reply from OJP?
Answer >>  We usually don't reply to questions where answers can already be found on our website, forum announcements, blog posts and FB posts.  So please take time to explore and read.  OJP has been around since 2010 and answers to usual concerns are most likely posted already.

10. What if I still can't find an answer here on 
your FAQ page?

Answer >>  Then feel free to send us a message here at our Facebook page (Click here).  Please use "I've Already Been to OJP's FAQ Page" as your subject title - so we can easily locate and respond to your message. 

How to Start? (You Have 3 Options)

 You Have Three Options...

 Option No. 1. Visit our Online Job Search Page and choose a site to join - This page shows a number of legit sites that offer online jobs and internet income opportunities.  Click here to visit the page (all recommended sites are free to join and participate - no investment required).
Note: Option no. 1 is recommended for people who are resourceful,  fast-learner and "internet-savvy".  

Option No. 2. Join an OJP Training - Our free training provides step-by-step instructions, activities, assignments and an online mentor that will guide you all throughout the duration of the training. Click here to view OJP's 2019 Training Calendar.
Note: Option no. 2 is recommended for people who are a total newbie when it comes to online earning.

Option No. 3. Download OJP's free Work-at-Home Quick Guide E-book - This e-book will teach you step-by-step and straight to the point, on how you can start earning online today - based on your existing skills and know-how. Click here to learn more about this ebook and how to download.
Note: Option no. 3 is recommended for people who are resourceful, fast-learner and knows how to follow instructions.

Have other questions in mind? 
Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page first before sending us a message. :)

Sunday, April 19, 2015

OJP Online Community Forum (Updated July 27, 2015)

 :) What you can find at the OJP forum?

  • Useful information that can help newbies start their online career;
  • Free online skills training that can increase chances of getting online employment;
  • Free e-book guides;
  • Info on legitimate and proven online jobs and income opportunities;
  • New internet earning programs with good income potential;
  • Online support from the admin, volunteers and fellow forum members;
  • You can also practice your forum posting skills here (forum posting is a lucrative skill);
  • and more! ^_^

 ;) How to Join the Forum?

Forum self-registration has been re-enabled (issues fixed).
To register, just click here or visit this link >> (Note: email activation is required.)

 :D God bless and hope to see you at the forum soon!

NOTE:  The forum is best for internet users who can easily learn on their own.  If you're a total newbie and needs mentoring, please consider joining an online skills training.  Find more about it here.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

OJP's Free Online Skills Training Schedule for 2015

Click here to view details of past online skills training and how to access the lessons/activities


OJP's Free Online Skills Training Schedule for 2015

 :)  All courses are "mentored", free and available to all serious Pinoy learners:

1.) MARCH 16 to 20, 2015: HOW TO SET-UP YOUR ONLINE PIGGY BANK - Mentored Training Ended (view invite here) - Lessons are now posted at OJP Forum's Training & Tutorial Section.

2.) APRIL 20-24, 2015: BASIC BITCOIN TRAINING   Another way to earn online - Paypal account is not required.) - (Mentored Training Ended - view invite here)

3.) MAY 11-15: TRAFFIC EXCHANGE TRAINING  Learn how to promote using free Traffic Exchange sites and gain referrals for your online programs (Also learn how to earn a little extra for doing it).  (Mentored Training Ended - view invite here)

  Learn how you can earn from simple forum posting, blog commenting, etc..  Also learn how you can do online marketing to gain referrals while forum posting). (Mentored Training Ended - view invite here)

5.) JUNE 8-19, 2015: 10-DAY BLOGGING FOR FUN & PROFITS TRAINING   Learn one of the most lucrative online skills >> "Blogging" - it's your best weapon to learn and earn online. Learn how to set-up a "functional" blog and how to earn from it - OR use it to support your existing business. (Mentored Training Ended - view invite here)

  Learn how you can earn full time (or part-time) using your current and newly acquired online skills. (Mentored Training Ended)

 ;)ONLINE TRAINING VENUE:  At the New OJP CLUB (an Exclusive FB group)


Important:  We are NOT accepting trainees at the moment.

If ever, an invitation to join a training will be posted on at the OJP forum (News & Updates Section),
on our official news blog and on our Facebook page.
Please visit above sites/links from time to time for news/updates.

Click here to view details of past online skills training and how to access the lessons/activities


Friday, April 10, 2015

Free 5-Day Bitcoin Training/Orientation - An Alternative Way to Earn Online :)

:) Learn an alternative (and easy) way to earn online >> BITCOIN COLLECTING!
(Not yet familiar with Bitcoins? - Click here to watch a short tutorial on YouTube)
Free 5-Day Bitcoin Training - Orientation for BTC Newbies  
April 20 to 24, 2015

Learn the following:

>> Bitcoin basics;
>> Online places where you can collect Bitcoins;
>> Bitcoin Wallets - How to send and receive Bitcoins;
>> Where to sell your Bitcoins online and withdraw proceeds 
     directly from your bank's ATM;
>> How to maximize your Bitcoin collecting activities; and
>> More.. ^_^

;) How to join the training/orientation?

Follow the steps below (please read carefully):

STEP #1.

Visit our Facebook page here.

STEP #2.

Send us a message at FB with the following details:

*Subject title should be >> "I WANT TO EARN BITCOINS"

** Your message must include the following:
  • Your nickname
  • Where did you learn about the training, and
  • Why are you joining.

STEP #3.

Wait for our reply - for further instructions.


Important Reminder:

Sorry but we will not be accepting applicants who were not able to follow the application instructions correctly.

All OJP registered forum members need only to send me a message at the forum (or via OJP's FB page - please mention your forum username) to be included in the training - so I can give you access.

Admin Piaps ^_^

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